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There are an infinite number of ways that decent people are taken advantage of in Uvita or Dominical on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.

If you are purchasing property in Uvita, first take a trip to the municipality to see if your property does indeed have a public access road. There are cases where the property owner has falsified the original deed with the help of a corrupt topographer. The falsification would include a public road that is in fact NOT a public road, but property belonging to an adjacent property owner. This type of fraud has occurred in Playa Hermosa, Uvita, and Dominical.

This falsification will then make its way to the National Registry (Registro Nacional). It would then appear to be legit. Just because it is something that appears in the National Registry doesn’t make it legitimate. Check with the local municipality to see if that Public Road is actually registered as such. Qualified legal assistance in Uvita is key. The best attorneys are found outside of Uvita for such legal matters.

Beware of realtors who are also masquerading as  builders in Dominical and Uvita. One person cannot legitimately offer both of these services competently and efficiently. There are enough ethically challenged individuals in both fields without creating a truly horrific scenario for the unsuspecting client for a home construction in Uvita or Dominical. Beware the realtor who is the legal representative for multiple corporations that are not his/hers. A real red flag.

If you are looking for true quality craftsmanship in  the construction of a home in Uvita, Dominal, or Playa Hermosa, please contact us at GreenBuiltCR today. We’ll save you a world of long term pain.

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