Well-built and expensive homes can be found all over Costa Rica, but few have that certain charm and “WOW factor”, which leaves people in awe.

It is the surroundings like the entrance, the access, the trails, the gardens, the decorations, and the backyard. It is harmony…a well thought out, well-organized, fully integrated flow between the main building and the outside of the property.

Entries add value to a property and evoke an image of good living. Up to 30% of the value of a property focuses on “curb appeal”.  Presentation = Profit when it comes to a vacation home to rent or commercialize.

At GreenBuiltCR we have an expert landscape designer who is attentive to advise and assist you in the transformation of that exquisite residence. A haven that is properly designed and constructed and will start the most encouraging conversations.

We not only advise and build, but we offer a wide range of products for that special touch within a home. Statues, fountains, decks, floor and roof trusses, furniture or swimming pools, all found locally or imported directly from Bali, Indonesia. Every piece is custom made TO YOUR EXACT SPECIFICATIONS.

We would be pleased to provide more detailed information.  Contact us; we’re at your service!

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