Over the last few decades, Costa Rica has been a globally recognized leader in the sustainable use of natural resources and environmental protection for its’ forests, animals, rivers, and air quality.

At GreenBuiltCR we also love nature, therefore the materials used in the construction of our projects are designed to minimize all possible ecological footprints.

In part, the orientation toward environmental protection has to do with an abundant element in tropical Costa Rica…rainwater! On average we receive 300 inches per year, keeping the rainforest lush and green, albeit creating water runoff that could do serious damage to your home and property. We adhere to the principle “the terrain rules”, so we conduct topographical studies and soil tests that are supported by engineers and properly trained personnel. This essential element in construction allows us to establish control over erosion while causing the least possible impact on the environment.

We won’t do a job that compromises your investment, so if we need to create additional work to protect it, we will be in the best position to support, analyze and evaluate the necessary topographical changes and its required infrastructure. Complicated jobs are part of our everyday reality, so let us add peace of mind to your Pura Vida asset!

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