Want to expand your kitchen? Remodel your bathroom? How about adding a pool or some wood flooring that serves as a balcony, terrace, patio or other recreational area?

At GreenBuiltCR, upgrades are another specialized service we offer. The wood, slate, stone and furniture we select for your project are treated, carved or handcrafted in Costa Rica or imported from Bali, Indonesia.  We use high-quality materials to give your home the finish it deserves.

Bring us your blueprint or we can create a 3-D video or render for you to see and approve before ordering materials. If they are to be imported, they will be shipped with accurate measurements for on site assembly, with even the smallest of details being addressed.

We have performed to the satisfaction of every customer with our quality enhancements to their homes, ranches and/or cabins, adding significant value to their properties. With our vast experience in the field of design and construction, we have been described as delivering results that exceed customer expectations. Contact us to discuss your home improvement ideas…you can count on GreenBuiltCR!