At GreenBuiltCR we develop professional work aimed at ensuring that the design of the smallest details of your construction or remodeling is to your liking and at the same time, your investment is safe and secure.

If you have your own blueprint, we adjust our building process to the specifications you are requesting. But we are also able to develop the blueprints ourselves, with 3D programs, renderings, so you can see how the house will look once built, or evaluate it through 3D videos which will give you an excellent idea of how your construction will be.

Already on a 2D blueprint, 3D blueprint or on a render? You may choose local materials to be used and if you prefer to give your building a touch of class with attractive and weather-resistant materials, they can be imported from Bali, Indonesia.

We can import houses directly from Bali to Costa Rica, built with durable and sustainable products of guaranteed quality to last for decades. With aesthetics of incomparable beauty. We import the house in a container that you helped design, and re-assemble it on your property.

Before the shovel goes in the ground, we must check that the ground where it will be built is able to support the weight of the construction in a sustainable and structurally sound manner. Soil studies are a pre-requisite any build.

Our construction process begins with land surveys and soil studies of where it will be built to  verify its foundation. The soil studies are conducted in three different areas. If the land passes these tests, construction moves forward.

We wouldn’t jeopardize your investment, forcing the land to support more than its capacity. Although we can do additional work to build a safe construction in any type of terrain. Of course, this complex process does involve other costs.

We’d love to hear about your project. Just contact us. We’re at your service!

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