Throughout Indonesia and especially in Bali, the climate is similar to Costa Rica where seasonally it can rain almost every day. With changing conditions of temperature and humidity, Asian craftsmen have developed techniques for utilizing building materials which are durable and undeniably beautiful.

If these materials are durable in Bali, where it rains so much and the humidity is extremely high, imagine the durability and delight you will enjoy in a more moderate ecosystem like Costa Rica. The longevity of these materials is astounding. They are weather tested, that’s for sure.

At GreenBuiltCR, we can build houses, ranches, villages, or even the hotel of your dreams, with the understanding that your construction will need to last for decades. You give us your construction plans, or we will render one in 3D according to instructions that you give us.

We take the planned construction measurements, send them to Bali to custom make each piece and pack the house or other structure in a container, and here we take care of its installation under strict professional controls. Dozens of projects developed in Costa Rica attest to our commitment.

The picturesque island of Bali, a favorite tourist destination for people around the world, not only gives us the farm raised timber, but a full range of other products designed for modern tropical living. Aside from Costa Rican local materials, GreenBuiltCR is supplied with a wide range of products imported directly from Bali and Indonesia to make your dream come true.

Bali supplies us – if it’s required by our client- furniture, statues, pools, ornaments, stone veneer and other supplementary materials for construction. For example, we can get:

  • Statues and other stone carvings
  • Bathrooms and bathtub copper or stone
  • Sliding glass doors
  • Carved doors for the entry
  • Attachments for decorating gardens and patios
  • Solid teak furniture
  • Hard wood tiles and shingles, such as  Ironwood
  • Ironwood pool covers (what is this? Perhaps should be Gazebos?)
  • High-end l LED lighting
  • Ceiling fans
  • Mortise and tendon assembly
  • Merbau hard wood handrails
  • Volcanic rock for pools
  • Bali green stone
  • Rattan chairs and others
  • Palimanan Stone
  • Sukabumi Stone
  • Marble
  • Acid Washed Marble

All these products are carefully selected or handmade and come by the way of direct importation, to be assembled at your residence, resort, cottage and other facets of your construction.

We’d love to provide all the details you need, illustrated with photographs and videos of our products. Just contact us to, make your project a reality.