Whether its a new home or condo, or a newly purchased existing home that needs that perfect kitchen and bathroom remodel, we here at GreenBuiltCR have just the right ideas for you.

At the Canto del Mar Condominium Development we have successfully transformed outdated kitchens into something special. You can choose from all sorts of exotic hardwoods; in this video we have used local Bitter Cedar Wood combined with a matte black granite to create a simple yet elegant look.

You can choose from Ron Ron, Cedar, Teak, or even Tiger Wood to create that special kitchen and master bathroom combination. The only possibilities and configurations are endless. Its simply a matter of creativity and budget.

We have expanded to include service to the San Isidro, Morazan and Quebradas areas.

Call us today for your new kitchen and bathroom remodeling needs!

Kitchen Remodel at Canto Del Mar, Dominical