Hi Mike:

That curved outdoor shower was to die for! Can we say it was really "sexy"? The Coralina Stone patio cover was just gorgeous. And my husband loves his new concrete bodega with custom metal door. The lighting and electrical work was first class thank you for being so detail oriented!

William and Stephanie Karlin

Hi Mike! The ability to turn a pool pump house into a gorgeous, livable villa was mind-boggling. The attention to detail was the effort that put it over the top. Cannot fathom how your guys were able to turn my client's idea into functional, livable artwork. You kept your word, did what you said you were going to do, and then made it beautiful. Great job! And also, thank you for solving emergencies along the way that weren't even your responsibility. A true professional is hard to find here. We thank you. My client thanks you. You're an asset to the area.

Josh Kanter, agente de bienes raíces

Mike thank you for resolving serious structural issues at my luxury home. You are a true professional and  a blessing when it comes to resolving problems left behind by " luxury home builders". My regret was that I met you after the damage was done by those irresponsible builders who built this home. You'll definitely be building my next home!

Michael Reis

Mike I wanted to thank you and your guys @ GreenBuiltCR for turning that home office into a second bedroom. The use of sandblasted glass with bamboo inlays was a touch of class. My clients loved it!

Ricky Nocerna

Mike, you took an outdated 'A' frame home and turned it into a gorgeous home...your creativity (and my flexibility) was the winning combination.

You began with a simple 2500 sq. foot, "A" Frame home and were able to create an open, expansive and truly functional 4500 sq. foot modern tropical delight. Its even allowed for additional rental income given the two additional bedrooms with their own bathrooms. An "L" shaped balcony on the second floor. A wraparound 3rd level, 360 degree beautiful deck that is spectacular.

Little details, like softening up the steps down to the ranchito and removing those tripping hazards which were annoying and dangerous. They a source of happiness for all. Its no longer a hazard. The attention to details is much appreciated.

In addition, that open 50 sq. foot open deck down below the pool was an elegant touch. Very nice.

And so many more little details, including a wonderful layout of quality LED lighting throughout the home and garden makes this home glow at night. We are proud of our newly remodeled home and you should be too. We will enjoy it for years to come. Thank you Mike and your team at GreenBuiltCR.

Jerry Thompson / Casa Las Terrazas

Mike Moncarz, the owner of GreenBuiltCR is extremely professional and when he says he will do something he gets it done. He possesses what few other have: "palabra". He keeps his word.

Mike uses only the best workmen for his projects and sub-contractors that he trusts and they do high quality work for him in return. Its why they've been together 8 years here, going on 9.

GreenBuiltCR recently renovated a home we sold to customer, transforming a pool side rancho and pump room into a luxury studio villa with full bath and kitchenette.  They also created a magical experience in the front and back yard with color changing , using only extreme high quality LED lighting through out the gardens. All on timers, of course, to the the delight of the new owner.

As in any home improvement project unexpected items arose along the way. Mike and his crew took care of them even though these unexpected "bumps" were not GreenBuiltCR's responsibility, nor even had anything to do with the remodel. Mike really saved the day a few times.

GreenBuiltCR's attention to detail, design ideas, and customer service is superb!  I would highly recommend Mike Moncarz and GreenBuiltCR for any new home construction, remodel, interior or exterior lighting, landscaping, solar install, or any other home or property improvement project.

Josh Kanter, Realtor
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